Air Baltic

Air Baltic was founded in 1995 and was soon distinguished by its wit and dynamism, becoming a market leader in the Baltic countries. This airline established its headquarters at Riga International Airport, the airport of the Latvian capital. This is the largest airport in the Baltic States, but it stands out thanks to its practical and compact design, making connections to subsequent flights easy and fast. In 2016, Air Baltic carried more than 2.9 million passengers in its modern fleet consisting of the Boeing 737-500 (120 seats), the Boeing 737-300 (146 seats), the Bombardier Q400 Next Gen (76 seats) and the new Bombardier CS300 (145 seats). With more than 20 code-share partners, Air Baltic allows passengers to travel to most destinations around the world. It currently offers direct flights to 59 destinations from Riga, 6 destinations from Vilnius and 6 destinations from Tallinn. The destinations that stand out for the Portuguese market, besides Riga, are: Tallinn, Vilnius, Helsinki, Tampere, Turku and Moscow. From 27 March, Air Baltic will add Lisbon to its direct operation. The company will make available, from Riga, 2 direct flights per week on Tuesdays and Fridays. In less than 5 hours you can visit the most cosmopolitan capital of the Baltic States.